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Curing Mind: Anxiety and Stress relief

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Learn how to make self-care a priority with Curing Mind.

Built by trained and licensed psychologists, Curing Mind is your one-stop solution for everything mental health. If you’ve been feeling unlike yourself or struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, or sleep - Curing Mind is the right place for you.

A therapy app that goes beyond traditional mindfulness practices to address what you’re feeling in the moment.

Be it stress, depression, anxiety relief, productivity, loneliness, or any mental and emotional struggle you are battling,

Curing Mind seeks to understand you, to help you GROW through what you GO through

Get mental support from real, caring humans for all your struggles.

Calming Activites: Activites which helps you to reflect on your mental state better and help you understand positive prespective towards life.

Gratitude Journal, Realxing Sound Corner, Podcast, Optimism Genrator and more activities to help you refocus.

CHAT AI Buddy: Mental health AI Buddy trained caregivers who’ll listen to you and give you the emotional and mental support you deserve through your loneliest days.

Connect with a therapist, 1-1
Overcome depression, sleep better, let go of stress, beat anxiety, find a sense of calm, and improve your mental health by accessing therapy sessions over video, call or chat.

Disclaimer: Curing Mind is not a replacement for counseling or therapy.



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Curing Mind was born because i personally faced anxiety in last 1 yr of my life although i was lucky enough to get an amazing therapist and with same therapist i decided to do something in this field.

I think Curing Mind is probably the first mental health app ever built on kodular or any other builder.
If you can spread words about our app it will be really helpful for us

Thank you so much for you time


Are you can give AIA file of this for free?
It is a big help