Curl Post API key

How to post this Curl Api

curl -u “apikey:{apikey}” "{url}/v3/classify?url="

can anyone tell how to post this CURL

apikey = 5iZK9XAQDj3JLjchd87ORaGGPH-ZcEHuslceZ61qdymX

Url =

This url and api should be changed {api} =apikey , {url} = Url

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You can explain more, about you need to do…
Second: the link need to be login to go !!!

Edited the post

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Take a look

Maybe help…
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I have went this page I Need in block format I have tried but it never came

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With key and url

curl -u “apikey:5iZK9XAQDj3JLjchd87ORaGGPH-ZcEHuslceZ61qdymX” “

I’m sorry i’m stuck and I don’t know how to help you. Since all the examples ask for login to continue.
I don’t quite understand what you want to do…
For link i thing you need Api key + Authentication to show the result

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Why have you showed the api key??

It is not the problem of how to put it. You needs to read the API documentation and understand what are the steps for you to be able to use it.

Did you read that this API will stop working after December 2021? You should find something else