Curl -X POST - help

Hello Team

How to post CURL. Have anyone tried before ?

curl -X POST --form “[email protected]


You can use the web component to perform GET and POST requests.

But how ?

Normal http post request can be done easily. How to post curl post as it has multiple url’s in single request ?

(curl -X POST --form “[email protected]


I think you’ll have to write two requests for that.

First is just the image path and second is the url. How can we write 2 requests?

Http we can, but how for image?

Use post file

you will not be able to use CURL in makeroid, since curl is a software apart, curl is widely used in linux, and can be used in windows, which is an external command, is not included in makeroid…

you must use the option POST on the web component…

if I am in good spirits and I have time, I’ll upload a tutorial over the weekend.

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Do I need to do it with file as suggested by Ben? Or we can do it on runtime?

You do it with the file on runtime, I think…

cant post a file as it will contain api key. so need to be some good procedure…

will it be worth to create an extension for this ?

Talk to one of the extension creators on the forum about that!

To set a url, use Url property
To make a post request with a file, use PostFile method

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I think no, because curl in android is very difficult

This is off-topic, to the current topic.

I will give it a try

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