Current time and full time problem

This blocks work well on mp3 less than 5 minutes, but when playing an mp3 of more than two hours, it does not work well, what is the problem?

blocks (3)

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which component are you using to play the mp3?
for both the Player and the Exo Player component there is the current position property as well as the duration property available…
or are you calculating something different?

Current Position

Number :heavy_minus_sign: Read - Blocks

Returns the current position of the source file that is playing.

Player ▾.Current Position ▾


Number :heavy_minus_sign: Read - Blocks

Returns the duration of the source file.

EDIT: I just have seen, you are using the Player component… but I do not understand your calculations…



What is this about?
What do you want to achieve, what is the goal?

I want to do thing like this

use the current position and duration properties…
you might want to follow this guide and adjust it to your needs

see especially
4) Implementation of Current Time And Total Duration Of Music.


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