Custom dailog, dismiss when anywhere tap

It been a day I tried but don’t know how to do it
My plan is
When user open the app
A pop up dailog box show like welcome back and user can tap anywhere to dismiss the dailog box

Use notifier custom dailog and set cancelable to true

For example

blocks - 2022-04-11T162359.794

if you click on card view it not dismiss
thats the real issue

You have to click outside notifier to dismiss it, this is how it works

Otherwise use clock component and an arrangement. Set it to visible and when clock.timer hide it

i know that but how can i make a pop up dailog so that when someone touch anywhere on the screen it dismiss whether inside or outside

i think of that but it not fit that good

Try with [UPDATE] Free Alpha Dialog | Transparent Dialogs, Custom Toasts and much more


i tried the same in notifier it work
i use vertical arrangment as layout it has lots of image and text
so i just move it in card view
now it work but cardview not show properly all image get shrink

I can not help with UI unless I see all component’s designer properties, you have to figure it out

sorry my misktake every think work fine now

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