Custom Dialog Bug

I’m trying to create a custom dialog, but it does not work normal.
This is interface of my app

This is blocks
When I one time click “Create custom dialog” button

After that, I click “Show custom dialog” and get an error

If I press the “Create custom dialog” button again, and then I click “Show custom dialog”, I see this dialog:

I dont see button and rating bar in dialog

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Add the create custom dialog on the screen initialize event

I tried it. Does not work too
After click “Show custom dialog” i see error message “requestFeature() must be called before adding content”

Make sure the layout you wanted as dialog is visible on screen

Yes. This arrangement is visible

How can I fix this error?

Have you tried as apk?


Yes. Same error

Runtime error
requestFeature() must be called before adding content

after second click on “create custom dialog” and press “Show custom dialog” i see dialog window without button and rating bar

Please follow this

I try it… same error permanently

my aia filebtn_alarm.aia (91,4 КБ)

video record

Works as it should.

It’s time to post information about your phone Model, Android version, etc.


Seems to be device-dependent issue.

@Mika something to take a look at.


I will send you today a test apk.
Then you can tell me if the problem still exist for you or not.

ok. I will wait

I can do it first tomorrow morning.
I have complete forgot to create the test apk today for you.

Don’t worry. I will wait tomorrow. Thanks for help

Please test this apk and let me know if it works for you.
customDialog.apk (4,3 MB)