Custom Downloader Extension For Kodular [Free]

(Deep Host) #1

Custom Downloader Extension For Kodular [Free]

New Update :

  1. Custom Filename

  2. Get file path after Download Complete

Extensions Features :

  1. Start Download with Pause and Resume

  2. Download file in Default Download Folder or Custom Specific Folder

  3. Automatic file name Get from Download URL

  4. Show Total Size of Download File

  5. Show Current Download Progress Size

Last Update : 20 - 01 - 2019

Download Extension - yt.DeepHost.Custom_Download.aix (74.4 KB)



Block Component



Test APK File - Custom_Downlod.apk (4.3 MB)

Download AIA FIle - Custom_Downlod.aia (77.8 KB)

Full Tutorial Video in (Hindi)

Thank You !

Using block OnDownloadStart
PDF Downloading option
[FREE] Extension ComponentToImage
(Shreyash) #2

I fixed the title but can’t fix this :point_up:
Anyways, nice extension.

Edit: Found another typo :point_down:

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Nice extension and nothing useless.
Good work!

(anuragtekam0) #4

Sir i love your every aix.
You are just awesome and please keep working like this and i wish you will grow like all famous youtubers you have every aix i need and problem solution.

(FábioESantos) #5

:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Thank you very much for sharing!

(Bd Developer) #6

nice work Deep_Host

(avmcreators02) #7

It’s show File name is Wong

(avmcreators02) #8

url is given below and file name is Air–14099


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(Deep Host) #9

filename get from download url last keyword

Example -

Download URL - ttp://

File Name - video.mp4

if you want custom filename then you can use this block


(Nikhil27B YT) #10

very good extension

(Developer Tech) #11

Can you implement showing download progress …on kodular

(anuragtekam0) #12

Yes now we can

(Abhishek Chauhan) #13

भाई प्लीज यार google drive link कैसे डाले वो वी app की लिंक जिसे हमारा app डाउनलोड होने लगे

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(Kleyber Derick) #14

Please, post your messages in ENGLISH here!!

(Vaibhav The Developer) #15

He is saying that :- How to insert a Google Drive link, Brother, please link the app that our app starts downloading

(FábioESantos) #16

(Developer Tech) #17

Yes :joy::joy:
Sometimes user should search Google

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(Abhishek Chauhan) #18

Bro abhi whi Nahi ho Raha hai

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(Abhishek Chauhan) #19

Please yar koi to batao ki Google drive ki link se custom download me Google drive link kese dale Jo app download hone lge

(Developer Tech) #20

Use English…
This is not an Indian Forum