Stop download (Download component)

Based on this post it’s look like it’s not possible to pause or stop a started download.

In my app i would like to allow the user to stop the download after he confirm want to download the big file(400Mo).
i know there is Custom Downloader Extension and ExtendedDownloader Extension, i tested both and web component also but the download speed are incredibly slow. so no way for me to use them.

Download componant is realy fast, what i’m hoping here is a trick to stop the download if someone know.
I tryed to change the url while is downloading, change scan settings, delete the first Mo downloaded, but nothing the download continue until finish and then if destination file is no more there the device will crear the cash. if user is using his cellular data it’s not an option.

I was thinking to cut the wifi, but also if user is using his cellular data, i do not know how to cut that and anyway it’a gonna be too uggly way :grin:. Edit: i tested this, the download continue after wifi come back :sob:.

Any thoughts?