Custom extensions for you!

I would like to note you, that I will be making custom paid extensions just for you! Please just send a private message, I will make an extension, you will pay me from range (10-30$, depending on extension idea) and I will send you your custom made extension.

Currently, what I can’t do:

  • Extensions with services (background processes, tasks) and content providers (access managers).
  • Extensions that require accessibility, reading notifications, drawing on other apps permissions
  • Extensions which needs to add something to a manifest (besides normal permissions)

What I can do:

  • Make extensions that add “visible components” in runtime, like custom list views, cards, camera feeds.
  • Make extensions that uses libraries (just please find me a library, that is .jar file type not only .aar).
  • Make extensions that you want

Every single dollar, helps me a lot of! Together with that I can keep my website online, continue OpticalMath (a new camera calculator, alternative to Photomath, that is currently being developed) developing and I can also, help MIT App Inventor for iOS Campaign! “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

Best regards, Ben.


Good Job @Ben,

Keep up the good work :+1:.

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Is possible Telnet commands extension?

Hmm, can’t you just use RootChecker extension? If doesn’t work with telnet command, I can develop it for you.

you also can try the Terminal / Shell Extension by Juan Antonio
for a list of available extensions, see also here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


don´t work with telnet commands

i am facing a problem with file upload with webview so make a extension for fix this

Can you make appodeal extension

Hi Ben, I need Extension that make me possible to upload and download file (image, MS Office docs, pdf, etc) from webview.
From current webview i can’t do upload and download file.

ps: Why i can’t send you a private message?

Kind regards,


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  1. You just joined 15 hours ago from this post.

  2. Be patient until you get Basic or Member and you’ll be granted messaging.


ok, thank you

Hi bro Did your extension become?

means what u want to say