Custom extensions for you!


(Ben) #1

I would like to note you, that I will be making custom paid extensions just for you! Please just send a private message, I will make an extension, you will pay me from range (10-30$, depending on extension idea) and I will send you your custom made extension.

Currently, what I can’t do:

  • Extensions with services (background processes, tasks) and content providers (access managers).
  • Extensions that require accessibility, reading notifications, drawing on other apps permissions
  • Extensions which needs to add something to a manifest (besides normal permissions)

What I can do:

  • Make extensions that add “visible components” in runtime, like custom list views, cards, camera feeds.
  • Make extensions that uses libraries (just please find me a library, that is .jar file type not only .aar).
  • Make extensions that you want

Every single dollar, helps me a lot of! Together with that I can keep my website online, continue OpticalMath (a new camera calculator, alternative to Photomath, that is currently being developed) developing and I can also, help MIT App Inventor for iOS Campaign! “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

Best regards, Ben.

(Arda Çebi) #2

Good Job @Ben,

Keep up the good work :+1:.

(Franklin Lopez) #3

Is possible Telnet commands extension?

(Ben) #4

Hmm, can’t you just use RootChecker extension? If doesn’t work with telnet command, I can develop it for you.


you also can try the Terminal / Shell Extension by Juan Antonio
for a list of available extensions, see also here


(Franklin Lopez) #6

don´t work with telnet commands

(Rushikesh Mule) #7

i am facing a problem with file upload with webview so make a extension for fix this

(anuragtekam0) #8

Can you make appodeal extension

(station web) #9

Hi Ben, I need Extension that make me possible to upload and download file (image, MS Office docs, pdf, etc) from webview.
From current webview i can’t do upload and download file.

ps: Why i can’t send you a private message?

Kind regards,


(Nathan) #10
  1. You just joined 15 hours ago from this post.

  2. Be patient until you get Basic or Member and you’ll be granted messaging.

(station web) #11

ok, thank you

(Ts) #12

Hi bro Did your extension become?

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #13

means what u want to say