Custom List View


Hi Koders, recently I have learnt in Android studio that we can use RecyclerView for customizable list view. If that can be achieved in Kodular, that would be great!

In Android Studio, you’ll need a layout xml for each item in a list.
Maybe Kodular can add a workspace for list view, and add the blocks to set properties inside :innocent:


deephost recycle view

I’m not talking about an extension.

Use Dynamic Extension, Dependencies. Don’t say it an extension because it will be available soon in palette

Hmmm I know that, and I have been using it for a long time. However it’s loading a bit slower (because it runs many if-else and try-catch)

WHAT? Where did you get this news?
What I understand is deephost make extensions, why I can’t say it is an extension?

Actually adding a lot of conditions shouldn’t cause any delay, I assume it is because of creating a component instance which I can’t control its creation speed.

But I made some tweaks for next version, I hope this helps a bit about delay.