Custom Listviews

(MRB) #21

Any progress ?


any progress

(Salvatore Colori (Tore78)) #23

It would be nice have the possibility to add custom Index to element or some tag for use it to call item details.
For example adding item to listview from a DB or a Json and using id record as list item’s index.

Is it possible? Thank you.

(Plantdoc2018) #24

Already there is an extension made by Kus_Zab…called Grouped List View…you may look into it.

(Pablo Almeida) #25

Where can I download this extension?

(Plantdoc2018) #26

Contact Developer

(KaFa) #27

(Pablo Almeida) #28

Thank you for the link
I thought it is very expensive but may be one day I have an important project and it will be worth the money.