Custom package name problem

Hello Everyone I am not able to use custom package name.
is this problem faced by everyone or only me ?
please let me know about this problem and solution…

Are you using special characters or digits in custom package?

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no i use only “.” fullstop

Every Android app has a unique application ID that looks like a Java package name, such as com.example.myapp . You use only two of three required name “members” with package name com.myapp.

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i tried using like


i dont know why it is not working

For me, it totally works with that custom package name. Your app must be have another problem.

Can you explain more clearly what actually is going on ? What error are you getting ? Does kodular show error when you put your package name ?

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Give us an APK if you are able to generate it.

Thanks a lot bro​:heart::heart:

Sorry for trouble bro but i got it

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