Custom pdf/invoice creater

1st time on kodular a great logic…
Total 3 step and every step quite easy…

post edited (3rd step added)…how to download/view spreadsheet as pdf in app instantly

easy method to create custom pdf layout also u can create an invoice creater app and much more by this method…no extention only logic just follow steps

1st step
open ur google spreadsheet in any browser and then modify pdf layout by ur taste and copy row/colum of that field where u want to pass value…then open script editer from tools options

check pic**

2nd step
now modify this script code by ur pdf layout…

function doGet(e){
var app = SpreadsheetApp;
var ss = app.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var activeSheet = ss.getActiveSheet();
addUser (e,activeSheet); }
function addUser(e,activeSheet)
var amount = e.parameter.amount;
activeSheet.getRange(26, 4).setValue(amount);

after setting of script code u need to publish this as web app

2nd step pic

after publish as web copy the script code which they give after published…put that code in webviewr like this

3rd step download/view pdf

Copy ur spreadsheet link and edit that link (from end) like below pic…and set it to in downloader…
when downloaded done then set view pdf from storage where u dowloaded the pdf file by activity starter or and pdf viewr extension
Note after every change u can download new pdf with new values…

important note; change the privacy of googlle spread sheet and script editor as anyone can edit

A simple custom pdf creater or u can say invoice creater app…
u can change edit full pdf view add pics…
u can save/print ur pdf file also.
u can do what u want…

Here is working of app


PDF layout is customizable right? With or Without extension?

no any externel extension for creating,editing pdf…

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yes pdf customly edit by your need…i mean fully customizeable

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Nooo…how u can convert webview page in pdf…? and also set value in specific field?

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i really don’t know, just the preview looks the same.:thinking:
Just want to ask, is this in the app, or using activity starter.

You can pass values using some javascript.

That’s what I wanted to know. You passed the values ​​of the Fields.
Very interesting and useful. :thumbsup:

With web Component and PHP Scripts + TCPDF Library. :rofl:

No…actually its page size…i use full short page size if use A4 etc its looks better and full screen.

And is it in the app or in external app?Because it looks really interesting.

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No javascript no php…no other language

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Actually i created this app for client…i done this app amm almost 1year+ ago

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u can created every type of paper page etc like electircity bill with custom values pass…u can make sketch then pass values at specific field


So it is in the app, without using any webviewer/activity starter ? :open_mouth:

activity starter use only for calling opening pdf file…webviewr used but its not intresting i mean important

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it’s to simply use pdf generate extension & make some blocks

already mentioned in post…no extention use…
not complex block…even new comer easily understand the logic

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Active Starter + FTP + File Component + Web Component + Html + Library generate PDF on Server.
That’s it for today. I want coffee. :rofl:
:crazy_face: This way it works :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


no…only web component used in this components…
no liberary
no pdf generater extention
no json code
no activity starter
no ftp server
no php
no mysql…
only a big logic used

Btw, as the category is #koded you should send at least test apk.