Custom Slider like volume or brightness changer

Short description

Custom Slider idea got from brightness changer in latest android UI in notification. I used simple hack to get this thing done and is made with in-built components of Kodular.

Demo Video

Demo Images

Demo apk + aia

CustomSlider.apk (5.2 MB)
CustomSlider.aia (8.0 KB) (Updated - working in all devices)

Free AIA file also available in my aia store (aia marketplace)


Good design like the UI :slight_smile: keep the good work brather :wink:

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What is the purpose of this app if android already had a slider at the notification window to control the brightness of the device??

If you have used any extension then it’s better to give credit to the developer.

Btw Nice UI.

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thanks for commenting.
i just tried to make something unique.
well i didnt say it is for brightness changer or volume.
I said it is like a volume and brightness changer i meant to say. this slider look like brightness changer. But it depends on you where u can use this kinda thing/effect in your app.

for live example: i used this kinda(similar) thing in my aia store. to show the downloading process.
or maybe u can use this also for your music app to change volume

and I haven’t used any extension. it was made with in-built components of Kodular.
download the aia and you’ll understand better.
CustomSlider.aia (8.0 KB) (Updated - working in all devices)


Oh! It is the concept of making a larger horizontal slider. Nice Idea!
Keep it up :+1:


Yes you can say , larger custom slider.
It can be horizontal or vertical.
It depends on developers creativity.

Pixel 2XL, Android 11 ---- Galaxy Note8, Android 9

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No difference , tested on Xiaomi Mi A1



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@dora_paz @bodymindpower
I’ve fixed in newer version. and also tested in Mi A1 & Pixel 4. working ok now
CustomSlider.aia (8.0 KB) (Updated - working in all devices)


Yes, it seems to work now.

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Yes, now it works

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Can we use this custom slider’s values with dynamic components?

That’s really awesome!
Many thanks.

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Yes you can

@devcafeofficial Nice work broo. Broo I have a question how to put slider in a vertical direction?

Simply you can rotate parent element/component to 45deg or -45deg, I guess

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