Custom webview kodular Not Work

Why doesn’t this website work in Customs Webview?
Works properly on all browsers, including Google Chrome.
site link:

Are you allowed to use this site ? Is it yours ? I temporarily unlist it till you provide more info

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yes, This is my client’s site.

What other information do you need? Let me know

http://www protect our data and your domain looks likes some hackable website which is not protected , you may have turn off chrome higher security in advanced setting
I donot think it’s custom WebView fault

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Just enabling SupportMultipleWindows will not handle the new window requests. You must handle that manually, otherwise disable the property.

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It does not work when disabled.
please help me.
I am forever grateful for your custom webview.

It is working properly on all browsers.Just doesn’t work in Custom webview.
I think this is a webview problem

A simple test and opens new window

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thanks :heart: :heart:

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Many thanks to everyone for trying to cooperate.

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