Custom Webviewer Problem

Hello, today I made a webviewer application with the customwebviewer plug-in, but I could not tell if I said to be stuck in the player, I could not tell if I said bug or not, there is a problem of progress by stuck and there are stutters, so is there a way to fix it or another solution?

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So I explained my problem. As I said, when the video goes into landscape mode, it seems like it has progressed. I mentioned that above, I do not see any errors.

Hi @Cagatay_Sertkaya
It seems quite hard to understand what your problem is.

Hi @vknow360
When playing a video in Landscape mode, the image lags behind the sound. so there is a stuttering image.

May you provide me the url, that you are using for the video?

@Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki This site is here you can try and see it yourself. The video is distorted.

May you please provide your blocks?

May you also provide a small clip of your app? Then, I think I help you.

Yes, provide a video recording. @Cagatay_Sertkaya

@Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki @vknow360 did you solve the problem? Or is the problem not clear? I can take a video again.

This is not the extension mistake, as I think, But consult with the Extension Developer, So it is good to get information.

hey i found the problem. It was a problem caused by Android WebView, google because its new updates are quite problematic. This also creates a problem. After uninstalling the update, the problem was resolved.

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