Customized login(id password)

I am developing an app for an institution,
so i want that app to be accessible only to those students.
so I want a screen1 should have id password (to be created for individual students by the institute in airtable)
and one should go to another screen only when correct id password set is been entered

for example -
I have ten students . I have provided them their id"s and Passwords
when they open my app they should get enter id password screen . Once they entered if the set is correct then they should move to another screen

Why don’t you try Google sheet? Easy to construct,

Friend, this is the basic logic of every system with login.
Users registered with an identifier (password, email, authentication, etc.)
So, what you want is what you have to sit down and start doing.

  • create the database
  • create the student creation routine and their IDs
  • create a routine to validate these ID’s
    For that you can search here in the community. And you can also start designing your development stages.
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Try this, if then

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