Customizing The 3 Dots Menu

Hey Koders, ( it’s a long time to hear from me :sweat_smile:)

I was wondering to some custmization with the 3 dots menu in the App ( Just to Make it look cool and attractive) .

Here’s an example below and even if we can even change the bg colour and text colour.

Thanks! :heart_eyes:


There is a bug where if you try to use a Material icon, it wont render properly. I could only get it to work with text only.

I am interested to see if anyone else had better luck.

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But even if we can change it background color and text color. Then also it will be okay

You can disable it, and then put a FAB up there. Then design your own component group.

I just have not done that yet for me.


You can use a vertical arrangement as title, and customize it according to your need.
And there is also a component bottom sheet. you can make a design like the picture you provided.

I know that and thanks, it will an alternative solution but as I said I want to customize that default 3 dot menu only.

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I’m also interested in customizing the 3-dots menu.

The bottom navigation has a limit of 5 items. You only see the first 5 elements. If you put more, they are not seen. So for those who suggest using that menu, is that they have not tried it at all, or have used it for small menus …

The truth is that it is rare that having so much to customize, the staff of @Kodular have left this component almost without being able to customize it …

Do you mean Bottom Sheet or Bottom Navigation?

Bottom navigation is just for showing icons (text) at bottom of the screen.
It is not related to three-dot menu (action bar).
You can also make your own action bar.

Make a title bar and when button clicked do whatever you want.

The idea is to use the 3 dots menu…
I mentioned bottom navigation because some users suggested it as a solution.
But I want to use the 3 dots menu that comes in kodular…

It’s easier and more efficient and doesn’t require that much work. The only problem is that you can not customize the colors, fonts or anything.

e.g. change that background color

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Boban has a tutorial related to this on his website.

Hmm, do I


Probably it requires a lot of work to get this in Kodular and it’s not easy, as tre dot is controlled by themes and currently you have white or dark gray for material, for holo theme it’s even harder to get different colors


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Yes you have.

Ahh that one, It’s more of showing off then a tutorial


Thank you for responding
If that’s the case then we’ll have to keep using it that way jeje!
Thank you

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