CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

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Hi @vknow360,
In next update please update block to get fav icon of loaded page …
If it’s possible…

No Need of that. Just use this url and place the url of which favicon you want.

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low quality image

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because we want favicon and favicon is always in small size…

here are some more sites to catch icons -


Favicon are small images / icons varies from 12x12 to 32x32
If you will try to get bigger size then the image will pixelated.

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I want to use multiple webview with same website and different login credentials. Please help me.

For Creating Multiple Webviews This May Help you

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I think That have old database I have checked some site ang got old icon…

I found this one is perfect…<YOUR_SIZE_HERE>&domain_url=<YOUR_URL_HERE

but this give low quality icon but that one give hd

Set sz = 128

What’s size of logo.clearbit ?

Try url I sent you personally… and check the icon on website and by logo clearbit

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dnt know just set +link

Yes now check active icon of that site by Going to there site…

And remove the url… from community

hi @vknow360,

i have tried this, but didn’t worked…
and according to following post on stack overflow this will work perfectly only on android 5.0-
there are some fixes for it but i can’t understood it…

also add this

Also some more suggestion for adding block(not too much important)
get progress position,url,title by id…

it will be helpful for creating advanced browser…

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