CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

I am not sure.
But you can expect it to released till 25th.

okay till then i would embed alternative way

I got an error while loading html text. And I also want to know that “Is this extension free to use in our Apps published in Play store”…??
blow some block images used for load html
blocks (13)

And this is the run time error

Hi @Sunil_Kumar96
You have to set webview using SetWebView method before loading url or html file.

Yes it is.
You can give me an attribution if you wish :slightly_smiling_face:


How to use upload file block?
I tried this but it didn’t work for me.

But even though I took a photo by accessing the camera, the address of the photo I took in the input file field is not written in the relevant field on the form.
Would you please share a working code block?

Hi @wwwmaster2006 Welcome to Kodular Community
Can you please show your blocks?

Thank you for your quick reply.


Try adding file:// before image.

Could you please give me some details?

Use this block:

Use join block.

Not working :frowning:

Print mimeType , isCaptureEnabled and image on label and show the result here.

Screenshot_20200716-150452 Screenshot_20200716-150458

Replace image: with file:// using replace all text block.

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i tried this not wrking


not working

Please show your blocks.

Did you try this?

i have tried in companion


image url

also tried by adding

Which website are you using?
Try using content://
It accepts uri in same format as Activity Starter returns.