CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

checked 2,3 website of color picker from image

i tried “content://” but not working

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I shall check it.
Thank you @wwwmaster2006 and @nikzdreamer2001 :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw can you try it with activity starter?

provide some hint as i have never used activity starter

Sorry, I don’t have much information on kodular system. I will try to do my best if you express it to a degree :slight_smile:

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hi @vknow360, if it possible to create clear BackForwardHistory of webview by id then pls add it too…

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Action: android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT
Data type: mimeType

Start the activity and pass ResultUri as parameter after activity’s result.

OK :+1:

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I’m not sure I know how to do this, sory…

Don’t be sad :grinning:
I shall do it when I get the laptop.

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like this App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Pick a file | Pura Vida Apps


Hi @nikzdreamer2001 and @wwwmaster2006
I confirm this is bug.
I have not set callback but checking in UploadFile event.


There is bug in OnProgressChanged event also.It is getting triggered multiple times.Although I am not sure that it is bug or not.

I also reported it previously, but you told it is fixed :nerd_face:

Hey Please help us for all blocks of customwebview

What do you need, What have you tried ? No one will give you ready made blocks.

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Ohh…no that is not bug.
I checked on StackoverFlow and found this:

onProgressChanged can get called multiple times for the same url for the same progress value (Ex: progress = 100 calls twice).

So there is no solution to this unless I replace it.

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Well, thank you for your interest. Will you do anything to solve this error?

Yes, why not.
Let the hackathon end.

P.S. bug has been fixed in local version but I shall release it after adding few more features.

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Hi @vknow360, can we block image in webview

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Yep , set AutoLoadImages property to false.