CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

I have just started using Kodular & I want to know that I have added the latest version of Custom Web View & have have setup like in the image below.

But when I am testing the app , its crashing. Why is that?

Set container view first

can this webview change the permission from a website, like location or camera?

it’s a pity that this extension does not work for everyone … maybe it depends on the country. in Russia, this extension does not block ads, advertising hosts in Russia Yandex.

Yes, the extension has feature to grant media permissions to a website.

Maybe true.
It blocks most of the simple ad types such as banner and interestial.
I am not sure about the other ones.

what a block for that?
I wanna user can edit the website permission when he forgot to allow it.

A permission can be granted only when requested. Not before I permission request event is raised.

so if the user chooses the wrong permission, he can’t change it anymore.
I think there is a block to change permission has been given.

I can’t find this URL variable of the OnNewWindowRequest function

Try reading posts below it too. (Maybe 100 or 200)

I found the solution, thank you very much

Great… what about providing also a screenshot of the solution?.

the solution I found was to do it this way here.

some links open as a popup, calling a new window, so I just made the app identify if the link I clicked makes the popup request


Hey @ vknow360 I hope you are good buddy.
Okay, so why did you remove the Id parameter from Go To URL function?
It made it possible to use only one instance of webview across multiple arrangements with different IDs, this way you could use one login session across. Right now I have to add the extension multiple times.

Hey @otedo , which parameter are you referring to?
The sessions are kept though.

I can’t find the block since I made the updates, so I will explain using the current blocks
Screenshot 2022-11-20 170509
Now you see the above block, at some point it had ID input apart from URL input.

Am I clear now? So why was it removed and can I use the current block with more than one arrangement for a single custom WebView?

I cannot click input file on the website,
how to solve this?

I have given permission camera & write storage.

this is my block

Did you search in the community?
Keyword can be ’ file upload in CustomWebView ’

I searched “input file” and no found.
thanks for the key word. Now I can try to solve that