CustomWebView Cookies - Defy the meaning of Cookies

The cookie set block in customWebView defies the usefulness of cookies

Cookies are suppose to…

|name |Required. Specifies the name of the cookie|

|value |Optional. Specifies the value of the cookie|

|expire |Optional. Specifies when the cookie expires.

|path |Optional. Specifies the server path of the cookie.

|domain |Optional. Specifies the domain name of the cookie.

|secure |Optional. Specifies whether or not the cookie should only be transmitted over a secure HTTPS connection.

|httponly |Optional. If set to TRUE the cookie will be accessible only through the HTTP protocol (the cookie will not be accessible by scripting languages).

The block does none of the above except store a value

Even though I half expect an answer to the effect that everything else is “optional”, a real cookie block should at least offer the facility to add these parameters

Is there a REAL cookie block available