Cutting optimization application

Hi all !

I am looking for a serious and competent developer to help me create a cutting optimization application.

The purpose of this application would be to help the user in the creation of a debit, a bar or a panel. Example :

He enters the dimension of the bar, 12000 millimeters. He then enters the dimensions of the parts and the quantity he needs: 5200mm x 2, 4330mm x 2, 4400mm x 6, 2200mm x 6, etc…
He enters the thickness of the cutting blade, the thickness of the first cut (which will be lost), and the application optimizes the number of bars needed, with a display of bars and cuts inside.
The little extra would then be to have the percentage of loss, the lengths of bar (or panel) that remains.

To give you an idea of ​​what I’m looking for, here’s a similar application (for bars only):

And one for the panel cutout:

Me, I would like to be able to have both options in a single application, which I will translate into French.

If someone here is able to help me find the algorithm to optimize the cuts, that would be great! The design part I take care of.
I’m willing to pay the developer, as long as it’s reasonable. I don’t want to make profit with this app.

Do not hesitate to contact me in pm or to answer on this topic to give your ideas!

Thank you all!

Hi ! I allow myself to relaunch my request, if anyone has the skills for this project, do not hesitate. Otherwise too bad, I will do otherwise. Thank you !