Daily Challenge #4

Looks like you are using Crytography component’s Base64 encoding. I think this is not allowed.


Yes, the encoding must be of your own, though it can resemble existing ones.

@Souvik_Bera Perfect :ok_hand:. How many hours did it take for you make that?


It took around 2-3 hours.


Wait is Web component allowed to use as far I see from your blocks? Because I’m trying to create too but I still didn’t used any component yet.

Not sure about that. I didn’t really find any other way to encode the emojis and the special characters as there is a large range of emojis and special characters available.

Yeah I thought the same, so I’m trying to use different method instead of having characters list.

Here Is Ans…

Then I think I failed this test :expressionless:

Yes !!

But I Think It Is Possible By Log Blocks Of

Replace All Text 
                Segment A
                Replacement /
 Replace All Text 
                Segment /
                Replacement A

How can these blocks encode a special character or a emoji ? Can you show us example ?

It Will Take Long Time And 100% Will Work But I Don’t Have Time

umm… I think it won’t.

what about using a solution based on @Italo’s ASCII conversion procedures?
the project is available in the App Inventor Gallery here http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/?galleryId=6407304567324672#



I’m not participating in the challenge, but I wanted to show that it is possible to make this without any component. Even more, I made a simple coding and decoding system that generates a different code for the same string every time is called, and of course is totally reversible. The only drawback is that it doesn’t encode emojis.
This coding is not unbreakable but without seeing the encoding process it will be hard to find out.
(Thanks to @Taifun for his LEADING ZEROES procedure)

These are the procedures for this encoding. Like I said, no emojis. It could be implemented, but I will leave that for you guys, if you want to.


Thanks @Taifun @Italo for sharing this great info.

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While writing the post for this challenge, I tried to cover most types of text used generally in the test cases. It seems we need to support “text to char code” and “char code to text” block which supports conversion of text to ascii/unicode char code and vice versa.


Removed the “emoji” case from Sample Input

Or maybe just replace any unknown character with ?

I am upset:pleading_face: you included Thanos but didn’t consider “I love you 3000”:sob: