Daily Challenge #54 - Late Easter Egg Hunt

Today’s daily challenge is a bit different. I went to 10 topics here in the #daily-challenge category and hid 20 eggs on different posts. The eggs are post reactions, one is located here.

To confirm that you have found an egg, simply react to the same post with a :white_check_mark: (white_check_mark)
All eggs are in the #daily-challenge category, and topics between Daily Challenge #22 and Daily Challenge #51, that means that the other topics do not count (I didn’t hide eggs there).
Good luck, time starts NOW!

Have fun and happy easter!


@George_Loungos is in the lead :rofl:

I only found 7. Where are the others?

Just counted, all 20 are showing up for me. Will refresh the pages and count again.

EDIT: All are there, @George_Loungos

I found them all. I don’t know why i couldn’t see them all the first time.


I also want to thank @vknow360 for participating. See you in the next #daily-challenge!


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