Daily Challenge #7

The first week of challenges. Do you like the concept of a daily challenge so far?

I am posting a template for a game today. Ever heard about cookie clickers?

First time i encountered them was on the AB forum. A user was asking if AI, AB, Kodular could be good platforms to build cookie clickers.

I found this link where you can play with a cookie clicker
and i like the graphics and animation. So…

I made myself the basics of a cookie clicker

Do you like the effect? So today i give you a template of a cookie clicker to work with.
Maybe you have to size the graphics for your phone, etc. You can extent cookie clickers with other sprites that appear at random positions and at random times to get extra points or powers.

Anybody up for the challenge?

It is a big aia, but that is because of the background animation. 36 png files to make it look smoothly.

I call my cookie clicker spacecookie clicker because of the background. If you remove the backgroundfiles you save 3 MB :crazy_face:

spacecookieclicker_kodular.aia (3.1 MB)

Have fun.


Ok. This was maybe to big a challenge.

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Ofcourse ! You are awesome.


@Peter you are awesome. Really thank to kodular that we have experienced person like you & the kodes you shared with us is so awesome .