Daily Challenge #74

Yes and it worked :slight_smile:

What do you mean? I showed all blocks already :slight_smile:

Can you think off another way to do this and save a lot of blocks?

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Let’s see…

Little tip 2:

Think about using lists

I used this block 3 times in my guessing formula.

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Here’s a 15 block solution I managed to find

Untested, may have some bugs with edge cases :sweat_smile:

EDIT: 14 blocks:


Master @Vishwas has spoken

Tested and working.

This is also working


How about yours Peter?
Or you still want to

I have to go to work soon. So i will post it after work. So users have some time to post their solution.


I wanted to try but now you ruined the surprise :sob:
Please, next time, add a spoiler. :unamused:

These are my blocks. I made a list with the numbers and i use that list in multiple places.

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I never found that necessary in all the daily challenges i made. So it is not a rule but a possibility.

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