Daily Challenge #74

I want you to install this app and try to figure out how i did this. Make your own version and show your blocks. I will post my blocks tomorrow.

This is how it looks when you run the apk.

The goal is simple. Pick a number between 1 and 63 and check all checkboxes of the columns where you can find the number you picked. After that click the guess button and the app will tell you which number you picked.

I used 60 blocks to make it work. The formula where it guesses your number is only 18 blocks.

Good luck!!!

numberspuzzle.apk (5.0 MB)


0h! I have seen this puzzle before, but never put it on koding. But unfortunately, I don’t have my pc right now until like 8 hours later.

I will wait at least 26 hours until i post my blocks.


Little tip: By adding 1 block i made a version where you have to check all the checkboxes of the columns where you can not find the number you picked and it still works.

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I think I got the logic behind this challenge but not able to block it :laughing: :joy:

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Maybe you can tell the logic here?

This can help others :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly its related to decimal to binary conversion


I didn’t use that in my formula but i would like to see how it would work.

This is my text that i used.

Hi @Peter
Your challenge remembered me of my childhood days.I have played that game with my friends.The main motive to play this game was to represent ourself as a magician who reads minds.

I think you have used for each loop and if else condition to check that which number is common in checked lists.
I will try to solve your challenge :innocent:

your previous post explains all :joy:


Yes where we would ask the other person to think of a card from the cards arranged 3*3 format and then asking whether the card is in which column and row. Am I right? @vknow360


You are a magician @Vaibhav :sunglasses:


Nope, that would make a lot of blocks i think. Like i said to calculate the guessed number i only used 18 blocks.

I know my image explains all but how would that look in blocks? That’s the challenge.

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Here is the solution:

addition of numbers of first row of given lists


Um… a quite straightforward answer


1 <br>3 <br>5 <br>7 <br>9 <br>11 <br>13 <br>15 <br>17 <br>19 <br>21 <br>23 <br>25 <br>27 <br>29 <br>31 <br>33 <br>35 <br>37 <br>39 <br>41 <br>43 <br>45 <br>47 <br>49 <br>51 <br>53 <br>55 <br>57 <br>59 <br>61 <br>63
Similar thing for other label.
Daily_Challenge_Screen4.ais (23.6 KB)

So Label1.Text is to be entered manually? And if so, it’s ok if we arrange the layout manually? I thought we also have to do this with blocks. I guess I am making this complex for myself. :sweat:. May be @Peter can tell something about this…



you can, it’s just if the texts have to be shown in the layout, why don’t we use the text in the block?

My layout looks like this

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In my solution labels are also filled with the help of blocks. You can fill them manually if you want but that is a lot of work.

This is my designer

Good try. :+1:
Did you test your solution? I count 29 blocks in total on the screen and you haven’t done the others. I have 18 blocks for the entire formula. :nerd_face: mmmmm this emoji even looks like me. :crazy_face:


@Peter, this is an official warning for abusing and sharing personal info on the Community! You will be suspended for 3k years next time.

Just a joke, pls don’t kill me :joy: