Daily Challenge #89

I observed that there were no daily challenge on community for a while. So here it is.
If you were/are a science student you might know about Electronic Configuration
(Electron configuration - Wikipedia).
Create a program that inputs the atomic number and gives the electronic configuration for that atomic number. You may consider adding logic for Afbau Principle . It will make it a lot more challenging.


you can keep formats as: 1s(2) 2s(2) 2p(6) …


Do you know. You have created a daily challenge at evening

just joking

Earth is not flat my dear. xD


Tough One! :+1: Good Challenge.

:rofl: :grin: :innocent:

this is getting #off-topic

You are asking for spdf solution but what for those who have only read 2n^2 till yet :thinking:

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Hello, your daily challenge should belongs to 89. I changed it.

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I think you Forget about the Assumptions in Chemistry they say Only 8 elections can Be added to one electronic and been added to 1 Octave but in some case there are more than eight electrons in 1 Octave.
Maybe adding List For All of this element’s will be Headache. I will recommend to go with api if any.

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Please elaborate. ( I am asking for spdf solution)
Well I have already created a program for it on python without any api or modules

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