Dark mode Color Problem

Hello, when I run the code the app works and the colors are correct but when I download it the same colors do not appear, they are darker. Can someone help me fix them?. (the background color should be white in the modo dia)

this occurs on all tabs

  1. Why are we yelling?
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I have already modified the text, sorry about the capital letters

Why not share a sample aia with us!

opos_1.aia (547.0 KB)

No issue here. screen is white…

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the problem is when i downloader the app, while I watch it remotely it works but when downloading it fails me

Also for me no issue, tested as apk (Xiaomi Mi A1 android 9)

@Adrian1 Is your companion background dark when you go to start the companion? Or is it white?

my phone is a (mi 9t android 10) When it starts it should start in white but it does not, it starts with a brownish gray color, I tried to change the colors to see the failure but no color is like the one I put (only the day mode fails) if it is in day mode every time tabs are white, if it is night mode they are all black.

It may be a problem with the model of my mobile (my 9t android 10), and if that is the case, how can I fix it so that it works on it?

If you have “Global Dark Mode” enabled, I suggest turning it off.


where can i disable it?

In your dark mode settings on your device.


deactivating it already works correctly, thank you very much.
how can I get it to work fine if the global dark mode feature is enabled. because other people can have it activated

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Apps have to specify that this feature should not work in their applications. Unfortunately this isn’t something the user of the device can control unless they deactivate it all together.

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