Data call failed from Airtable

im unable call data from airtable using colin tree list view

BURLYBROS.aia (311.4 KB)

Makerod Live Error


Compile the APK and try again. The error says the list is empty. :confused:

as per my airtable having required data in colunm

For me it woks perfekt. I load complet texts from airtable and set them in list. I merge 2 items from 2 columns together tto 1 item and so on. I have this error only if i have make an error. Maybe api is wrong or the table or the view. And use only 1 component for 1 column. You can use it for 1 colum 1 row 1 cell but not 2 pieces of one of them.

check weather the base id and api key , table name is correct
even change the name of coloum to sime name without using uppercase

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Can you share some more blocks screenshot.The aia contains no block.

Thanks for all suggesting idea Now finaly bug fixed

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can u help me give this types aia file?