Data From Airtable to tinydb

Do anyone know how to get a specific data from airtable and save it to tinydb

The situation must be like this,
If I click on Listview, I need a specific data from airtable to be stored in tinydb other than the values I get from image,title and subtitle.

Use when List View after picking block to save to tinyDb. What exactly do you want to save ?

a data from a row in airtable…

First of all get position in ListView with image starts from 0 so in order to work you must set position to get position +1. Then if you have got column names Amount and saved data in a global list for example global amount then try

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I am still confused. Here is my aia file. Still I dont understand how to get the specific data and store in tinydb

Tesh.aia (4.2 KB)

Tesh_1.aia (5.9 KB)


It Works, Thank You

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I understood it, Thankyou. Problem Solved

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