Data from spreadsheet to table

I have data in a spreadsheet that I want to display as a table according to all of you, can Kodular make it?

Yes offcourse search on community for more details

Use @Ken 's table view extension v.4

and sanitise your data, something like this:


thanks everyone i will try it

can you give an example with aia file?

In above links there is a test aia that you can test and see how it works

what I’m confused about is how I enter data from a spreadsheet

Airtable or Google sheet?

Google Sheet

Do you mean something like this

how to make the missed schedule block yellow like the picture, can it be done with kodular
I also included the ainya file.

tes (1).aia (22.3 KB)

i hope no way. But you can achieve it using dynamic component extension

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