Data is repeated in collintree list view from firebase db

Could’t figure it out why 2nd and 3rd data values are shows twice and thrice simultaneously where my db has only 3 tags. Here are my blocks. Can anyone help me find where I made mistake.

If you are call tag list of Database which means if you are trying to refresh the list so for that you have to clear the colin tree list & then again call firebase tag list

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I mean to say my data from 2nd and 3rd tags are shows twice and thrice simultaneously in list. They are Not multiplied on refresh.

Your blocks for add item in list …
Something wrong is there…

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H @Chandan_Subedi
Try checking if tag has been already added or not:

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Have you initialized the list? I don’t know colintreelist, but looking at the doc he asks to initialize the list first.


Here’s an alternative in case someone needs it.
I use the List view Image and Text,It’s not optimized

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The problem is here:

You are adding values each time when you are getting value.
It means it will add data in this order:
(1 1 2)
(1 1 1 2 2 2 3)
So use AddElement method.


Thank you. It worked. :slight_smile:

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