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Suggest me blocks overview to store data that how many times a specific screen gets opened and then after specific times to show the rating bar or some kind of notification alert. I tried to store in variables but when i returned to the same screen after another one then the values again get equal to zero and my notification can only be opened only when variable value is 5 but it never happened due to zerolization of variable value when it initialze second time… Help… :roll_eyes:

Show what you did?


here is my work

You have to use a tinydb to store your data.

Here is a video for AppyBuilder how a tinydb works but it is the same for Kodular.

There are a lot of questions about tinydb on the community or else search Google.


Thank u Peter Bro u r owsm and super active.

Create a tag in tiny db of screen name and in screen intialize call store tinydbof same tag with value by using add block( getvalue +1)

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plz can u show me blocks for it.

This is Tag is change as per screen name

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A Lot Of Thanks @ShaikhSajidAli Bro

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