DateTools Time Difference Question

Hi All

I’m trying to…

  1. Get the time difference between two timestamps
    2 See whether the difference between two timestamps is greater than 48 hrs or 172800 sec (or should it be in milliseconds)

Any help appreciated

(I have tried reading the other comment but they doesn’t really help)

No need for an extension. You can do it with clock component and math blocks


Hey Thanks

I see you use “Do It”.

How do I find that. What do I need to do to get it on my screen


BTW Wher do I find that joiner you used??? (Second block form the left)

See here

From math blocks, it looks different cause I use External Inputs to save space.Actually the blocks are

For some reason my “Do It” is greyed out and I cannot find the connect companion anywhere

How do you test your app’s ?

Nope, Nothing… Dont know what to do?

Testing for me takes ages. I compile, download, install; on phone, look, uninstall, clear phone and do it all over again…**.EVERY TIME!

I think we are go crossed wires.

Connect companion, I have. I assume Do it will activate then - Gotcha

As for tge two blocks under / next to each other, Im still stuck


sorted Thanks

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Thanks Dora (again)! :slight_smile:

8 posts were split to a new topic: How to convert date formats?

my post just shows the solution


No .
This topic is about difference between dates time and not setting dd/mm/yyyy to write to the database.

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Actually, this post evolved into two issues. Only discovered once it was ascertained that there were inherent problems with MySQL and the date-time format as well.

So "In effect, we killed two birds with one stone. (no offence to any birds out there)
You have to be so careful these days :slight_smile:

I don’t agree, but I’m not a moderator.
Each topic should be about a subject and have its unique solution to help other users (it’s not always like that, but it should be like that, I think)
There were no problems with Mysql.
And if there were problems about Mysql on Google we have thousands of solutions.
The user above solved the problem of the difference of date and time…
But …

I now split the 2 subjects into 2 threads

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