How to convert date formats?

H Dora,

I live in South Africa and our date Time format is dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

I got this funny message

Sorry to be so picky

Argument to MakeInstant should have form MM/dd/YYYY hh:mm:ss, or MM/dd/YYYY or hh:mm

MySQL captured the date in aytomatic but in the WRONG format

What to do?


What does capture mean?
Insert Into ?
Select ?
There is a huge amount of research material about MySQL.
Did you research it?


I mean that MySQL does an auto insert of the DateTime and it dictates the format, not me???

MySQL uses yyyy-mm-dd format for storing a date value. This format is fixed and it is not possible to change it. For example, you may prefer to use mm-dd-yyyy format but you can’t. Instead, you follow the standard date format and use the DATE_FORMAT function to format the date the way you want.

Well ,You know how to do it ?:+1:
I know how Mysql works​:+1:
Search more about…

What’s the problem ?🤷

No I dont. That’s the problem. :slight_smile:

You have to convert the format from MySQL into the format, which is required by the Make Instant method… just use the join block together with several segment blocks…


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You are a genius, Thanks

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