Debit Card Rejection

hola se muy poco de plataformas de anuncios en aplicaciones, yo realice dos aplicaciones y quiero adjuntarle anuncios, ya estuve haciendo los pasos de google admods y kodular, ahora la pregunta es porque rechaza mi tarjeta de debito; se supone que debo poner una cuenta de retiro de dinero no un medio de pago de debito/credito; entiendo que algun dia deberia cobrar dinero no pagar!! entonces si debo cobrar porque no esta la opcion de poner un CBU una cuenta bancaria para deposito?
Alguien me explica como funciona esto!!!
hello I know very little about ad platforms in applications, I made two applications and I want to attach ads to it, I was already doing the steps of google admods and kodular, now the question is why it rejects my debit card; I am supposed to set up a withdrawal account, not a debit / credit payment method; I understand that one day I should collect money not pay! So if I have to charge why is not the option to put a CBU a bank account for deposit?
Someone explain to me how this works !!!

Can you explain more clearly about your issue? Do you want to purchase our Commission Removal plan? Are you having any trouble doing that?

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You want to attach your bank account to Admob so you can collect your ad revenue? But you are unsure of what information to provide?

It has been a while since I have solved this problem in another platform as an inventor app. Since you do not have support, you do not have direct communication, not even in the community itself, did you know how to solve the problem that is the rejection of the credit debit card In the billing section, on the other hand, when creating an application in kodular, add modules to the admod that part if it was fulfilled but the application could not be used because it was not accepted to use the part of the billing section, thus leaving the application obsolete. support and they do not give payment option in the commission section Since they only accept debit or credit card So it is not clear if from Argentina you can kodular

because it forces people to speak in a single language when we are in a digital age and with a single click the translation can be done, it seems like a pretext for not helping or working.

Everyone has to follow the rules of the forum, no excuses. If Kodular changes its policy to allow multiple languages then it will be ok, but not at the moment.

Also how are we supposed to translate a foreign language with a single click?

Using the Google translator just like I do every time I have to spend my time answering people like you. Or through an extension in the Chrome store. Well you did learn something after all. Good for you

If you want people to help you, you should make it as easy as possible for them.

It is your responsibility to translate your posts to English, not for the people reading them to have to do it. People helping you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops.

However, this is all a moot point. Currently all posts in this forum need to be in English.