Decimal Point and Tilde for an App in Spain

HI folks! I creating an app in Spain. I’m looking for an extension to get data from user in correctly format in Spain. I mean, decimal point and tildes.

5.2 → 5,2

1200.78 → 1200,78

Útil (get u with tilde)

When I use Input Type in a Text Box, the user can`t use the comma as decimal point.

I don’t found nothing in extensions and any discuss here. How I can do it??


Maybe you can use replace all text to change . to ,

Thank’s for your answer

Yes, I thought about it, but I will can’t use Number Format when entry data, because directly the comma doesn’t work.

Yes you can, set input to number and then use


When set number as Type Input, the comma is disabled and you cannot type it, even if you press it. The user must be able to write using comma, but in Number format, they can’t do it. The comma is disabled and you cannot type it even if you press it.

Is this what you want ?

Yes!! Exactly!

I only used above blocks

number_input.aia (1.8 KB)

Does not work to me… :man_shrugging:

Try using textutils extension that uses system’s locale and see if it works for you


Perfect! I’ll try. I’ll post the result.

Thank’s so much!

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Hello, it doesn’t work either. It’s not a block problem. If the numeric keypad of the Text_Box (with type input = numeric) does not allow the comma to be entered, it is not possible to do anything with the Blocks.

I think we would have to change the country region internally in Kodular in some way.

Thank you.