Decision making( ON MY APP)

So my app have been ready for the past two weeks but for some reason, my side bar built with buttons and font awesome cant seem to work the way i want it on all android devices especialy android 4.4 and below. So i would like to know your thoughts and advice on the consequences of building my app for only device on android version 5.0 and above. and what percentage of the android market will i be loosing.

Thank YOU

Well Android 4.4 is popular as it has as of the last half of last year 7.8% market share.

Anything below is 3.8% cumulative. So you are bloocked out of over 11% of the device potential market.

Now what is more important is the demographic. Location, and usertype. If you are targeting emerging countries, and younger users, you will find that they make a larger percentage of your target userbase, and they may have a larger percentage of < 4.5 devices.

You can have an alternating screen. i.e. detect the version and display a different side menu if the version is < 4.5