Decodifica file XML

Sto cercando di utilizzare il blocco “Decodifica codice XML” per decodificare due blocchi RSS. Entrambi risultano ben formattati secondo i verificatori on line.
D’altronde uno è creato automaticamente da WordPress, l’altro da weewx due strumenti alquanti diffusi.
Eppure in entrambi i casi arrivato al quarto livello di nidificazione ottengo

Lookup in pairs: the list is not a well-formed list of pairs.

Vi è mai capitato? E’ un paio di giorni che ci batto la testa.

I am trying to use the “Decode XML code” block to decode two RSS blocks. According to online testers, both are well formatted.
One is created automatically by WordPress, the other by weewx, two very popular tools.
Yet in both cases, when I reached the fourth level of nesting, I received

Lookup in pairs: the list is not a well-formed list of pairs.

Has this ever happened to you? I banged my head against it for a couple of days.

Welcome to the community. Official lanquage is English. You can use Do it to debug your blocks or post you xml in order to get help

As you can see, I also tried to clean up any parentheses in the CDATA.

Questo è uno dei RSS
syB_Ovzy.txt (9.5 KB)

Same thing if I try to examine the feeds on the official website di wordpress

Using dictionary blocks

I’ll try, thanks

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