Decrease in Facebook ads fill rate

I am using Facebook audience network. I saw that my ads fill rate is decreasing after I switched to kodular from appibuilder on date June 15. Why it’s happening?

Can you please provide your app link ?

Sorry I can’t

Was the date of the change the same date your published via Kodular. i.e. June 12th

It’s June 15

So you are saying that this drop is the exact time that you switched your app?


If it is a new app, then how do you know all you users installed the update?

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I am not telling about decreasing in impressions rate it is about fill rate request rate is higher

Yes and I asked you a question. Do you kow that drop you showed is exactly corelated to when you moved to Kodular, and are you certain all your users updated the app?

You are sayig it is a Kodular problem, and I am trying to make sure all the steps are taken to isolate.

Fill rates change because of algorithm changes with suppliers, target changes, content is stale, low inventory for the content etc.

Your first assumption is that it is a Kodular issue.


I don’t know exact reason of it. I want to know about it

I don’t understand why you don’t want to provide the app link.

Is it an earning app?

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