Deep Host In-App PDF Viewer Extension Help

Hello everyone,
I am using Deep Host’s In-App PDF Viewer extension but I have some problem.

How to use SwipeOrientation ?

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give it a true/false?

If you hover on that component before dragging in workspace there is a tooltip what parameters did it takes.
If string and num not then it should be boolean

Swipe Horizontal or Vertical. Left Right, up down.

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can you tell me where to find InApp_PDFViewer1 extension it will be great help if you can provide me

Download official app. It is extention store.

Looking at the reviews, I wouldn’t bother. I’m not slandering him/her, but it would be nice if you answer questions about your extensions and not go mysteriously missing without recognition. It’s just not worth it. He/she has a site and you can’t even download the extensions, it fails to do so.

tnks buddy it help me lot

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When Im using In app pdf viewer in come a notification " not support in companion app"
how I solve this problem.

Export the Apk. Everything is clear.

I didnt export only test.with QR cord

Can you read? Export the app

Sure… Until Export cant we get a testing view

It says “doesnt support companion”, so no

Thanks lot

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protip: new question = new thread
thank you