Deep Host paytm payment extension error


I always wanted dynamic link buttons in my app so I researched about it because I am not a pro at Kodular I tried to connect them with airtable but I failed then after I tried it to connect with firebase it worked but the Paytm extension by @deephost isn’t working I tried dynamic links button, Also I want an App update in my application so I created and button in which when user Clicks on the dynamically updated URL which I can update from my firebase using activity starter but for payments in my application through Paytm extension I have to use Paytm payment extension by @deephost which I was using but when I change the link OK it is stops working also it freezes on a white blank screen I also checked through the help of two labels that when I click the purchase date get where value is equal to link set label text to get value also set Paytm payment URL to get value call paytm.payment Request where price is 100

image where i setted up Button to do paytm payment (this doesn’t works)
image where i setted when a Button named update clicked

callfirease.get value (this works fine)


Min. Android version for deep host extension is 7 …
Change your Android version…

Update The extension

You mean downgrade the extension.

I m not pro can anbody explain how and what to do

To solve this error !!

Na just open & set you project Android version 7 …


Sorry but I forgot to show you what error I’m facing !!

Now id this can be solved by changing android version , so I will do it.

First change the package name also & try by changing the version of project. If you still get the error then show me blocks also… Then I will completely help you…, @sriivastavrac3

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