Deep Link With Apk Editor?

Hello Koders

I Have A Quetion About Deep Link…

What Will Happen if I Edited The Manifest File With Apk Editor.

Will My App Support Deep Link? Or My Apk will Not Be Signed Apk?

If I Signed Edited Apk With

Will This Trick Work?

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If Anyone Have Any Idea Then Plz Tell me

I don‘t have any information about that and really don‘t know it‘ll be work but why you don‘t try it?

Ok I Will Try

I Am Facing Some Issues To Do This. If Anyone Is Able To Do This Then Plz Try It

but i found a video online about this he shows how to do this and also provide an extension to handle the url and it works fine only issue is the extension is paid and you have to contact him first.

yes i tried this and yes with the right xlm in the manifest code your app should pop up when you click a url but the issue i had was there was no way to resolve or get the url

Here is a free deeplink extension

It is always good when searching for an extension to look here

I Do Not Want To Load All Links. I Want To Load Only Some Specific Links. By the way thanks to #ALL

i want that when a certain link is used in any browser it leads the user back to my app and if my app is not install it leads user to playstore to install

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