How to do hyperlink?

How to do hyperlink-I want to put in my site a button, that wil redirecting to my app in some screen. how to do it? thanks

You seems an old member of community. Are you talking about changing screen on button press? You sure that you don’t know it yet?


I mean that when on my site i press button, it will open my app in some screen.
How do it?

I mean that when on my site i press button, it will open my app in some screen.

You need to publish your app in playstore and set the link of your site to the playstore link else apart from this you can’t redirect the hyperlink to your app

So you want to open the site in a webviewer on a different screen or better on the same screen?

Did I made some mistake Peter ?

I removed all references to the deephost extension. So i removed all posts that weren’t related to the original question.

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I think the topic he had wriien and he is telling is different :thinking:

He want to add a button on his website and when he click the app is opened and a specific screen of the app is opened :thinking:

He want to connect his website with his app. Suppose his website has a button “Products” when it is clicked he want to redirect the user to specific screen in his app.

It is possible only when he connects his app with his website with …links extension otherwise it is not possible.

Then the answer from @asimjib93 still should work.

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Deep link extension that he is suggesting I already used it is useful when you want a text in you app when clicked open the browser or Whatsapp I remember :thinking:

That works only when user visits websites in our app.

Yes I want to say that but he has not cleared that the button he is requiring is in app or in web