How to do hyperlink?

I want to do that:
in my site, press on button
this will redirecting to some screen in my app.
that all.

Who wants a Firebase Dynamic Links extension? :wink:




This will be great! Hope u will make it :yum:

If you have a website and a app, then you can open the app from that website. Am I right @Shreyash

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I just googled it and its awesome! :heart_eyes:

If anyone need to learn more about it.

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Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: @Shreyash Are You Really Making It

Yes, I’m. But it will be released only after the App Inventor’s nb143 release is out.

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I think someone has done it already (but without using an extension)

You can easily make extension just you need to

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The topic you linked is merely a simple implementation of Firebase’s REST API to just create dynamic links. It doesn’t integrate deep link support within your app, instead you need to use some other extension(s) to see with which URL your app is opened and stuff. This is not how Dynamic Links work. For example, as soon as you click a deep link, it opens the screen of your app with which it is linked. You can’t do this with the topic you mentioned.

No, the goal isn’t only to make Dynamic Links but to actually receive and process them further within the app, which you can’t do with REST APIs.

Also, there’s a lot Firebase Dynamic Links offers other than this.


My goal was just to make a simple way to make dynamic links with REST API.

that is what im asking… how to do that?

As shreyash told he will make a Extension for it, till then just wait.

its good
i did it
but how to open specific activity? it is open the Screen1 in app
i want other screen. this option have maybe start value?

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@Matanel325 Read this again :point_down:

Currently its not possible. Wait for the extension

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