Deep link without javascript

is there the possibility to add deep link support without programming in javascript? do you know any extension?

See Here:

This need to program in java

There is a website that creates the extension automatically with your scheme and host:

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thank you :blush:

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@Mohamed_Tamer I tried to insert a scheme and a host in all possible combinations, but it doesn’t work, what is the correct way? I would like my app screen1 to open when I go to a certain website.

What scheme and host has you inserted, does

Means that it doesn’t redirect you to your app :thinking:

I tried to put as scheme the name of the screen, and as host the name of the site, and vice versa, also following some examples of the community. @Mohamed_Tamer how can i make sure that when i visit a certain website, i go directly to my app? which scheme and which host should I enter?

The screen is automatically set to screen1, you can’t change it using this extension as far as I know, and actually, the scheme takes the url scheme ,for example : https while the host takes the url host, for example: or

if I create an extension setting the “https” scheme and as the host the website I would like to use to open the app, should it work?

Yes, the extension is actually made to open your app when navigating to the URL you specify.

i tested it and not work … :-(, but should I also add “https://” before the website in “host”?

No, see the example above:

Have you added // after the scheme :thinking:

yes… not working :frowning:

How exactly, it isn’t working?

You might want to share the host and the scheme, has it worked with other urls.
P.S: the developer if this Extension is suspended in in this community, if you want to report any issues with his Extension, you can ask in his website instead:

I’ll try the extension on other devices later and let you know. if it still doesn’t work, I will report and share the host and schemes. thanks anyway for the support :blush:

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