DeepHost CropImage extension stoped work in android 11

Image Resize method work in Android 10 or below.
But stoped work in android 11
blocks (39)
filePath: /storage/emulated/0/android/data/mypackage/cache/18

Why 0Bytes?

Before yours question, this also not work
blocks (40)
Error: “Sorry, file to resize does not exist”

First of all make sure that you are using latest version os extension, Pura Vida Apps - Image Extension


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Yes, i updated TaifunImage and TaifunFile extensions.


But the problem are in CropImage extension by DeepHost in Android 11+
After Android 11, you have a work of files only in ASD

Do not ask query about deephost.
If do, your topic will be delisted

Original question was about resizing image using @Taifun 's extension and after editing post you mention DeepHost’s extension. Extensions from DeepHost aren’t supported in the community so topic closed and unlisted. If you wish you could contact the developer in order to help you

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